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Claude Bouchard, window blind expert in 
Québec, Montreal, Fort Lauderdale
and West Palm Beach

Claude Bouchard is L'Artisan du store (the craftsman of the window blind). He works in this field since 1980.That made thus 43 years that he meets different people with varying needs to advise them on the choice of blinds with which they will live for several years. In Quebec, he is the founder of the web shops: l'Artisan du store, Stores de qualité and Univers du store. In Florida, he has just opened his fourth Internet store:

39 years at your service

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Specialty No 1 : Solar Screen 

Florida is synonymous with good weather and sunshine. If solar energy entering the windows of a house or building can be a beneficial source of heat in cold weather, the situation is quite different in hot weather. This is where solar screens can make your life more enjoyable. This is a simple, inexpensive and very effective way to reduce the inconvenience of periods of sunshine without turning your house on board or buying energy-consuming systems.

Solar Screens for your conference room

Solar Screens for your living-room

Coming in different materials and in several colors, the solar fabric will protect you from overheating like excessive clarity thanks to a micro perforated fabric. This is particularly the case if you live in a multi-storey apartment building, where there are no trees and no possibility to add an awning or an awning.

Another quality of solar screens: they protect your privacy while allowing you to enjoy the view. In the evening, we can see you from the outside but not as much as if you leave your blinds or curtains open.


If you wish, it is possible to obtain different levels of opacity for solar canvas. They are available in several shades, marrying without problem the style and the arrangement of your decoration.

Specialty No 2 : Alternative Horizontal Blinds

Claude Bouchard invites you to discover an innovation in the field of the decoration and the clothing of windows for a modern house. Here the elegant Alternative Horizontal Blind allowing to control the light as you please, to maintain a view from the outside while ensuring total protection of your privacy. They offer this flexibility while adding a special touch design side. 

The concept is simple: the blind has a front and rear facade with slats incorporating the fabric of your choice (2.5 inches) and another containing a translucent strip (2.5 inches).You can place the strips of fabrics and the translucent strips so that they alternate, allowing the light to pass. Conversely, the fabric strips can be adjusted so as to completely cut the scattering of the light.


Combining quality in fabrics, manufacture and design, the Alternative Horizontal Blinds will embellish the living room, bedroom and kitchen, while filtering the light gently or entirely where this is required with total protection of your privacy. What more can be said?


Alternative Horizontal Blind:  opaque, translucent or solar

Oh, yes! Horizontal Duo Vision Blinds come in several  styles, colors and opacity, according the fabric, to answer  all tastes and decorating styles. The valence of the cassette containing the blind can incorporate the same fabric used for the slats. If necessary, one can choose between many colors.

Specialty No 3 : Wooden Blinds


As he offers all the types of blinds to dress your windows, he can thus meet the needs and in the expectations of the clientele in any objectivity. Nevertheless, its heart of craftsman and his expertise in interior decoration lead it to recommend more often than otherwise the wood blind.

" Wood is a noble, warm and natural material. It is easy to work, maintain and preserve. The wood is also an excellent thermal insulator but also phonic. Finally, the wood is a material which stands the test of time. That's why, I recommend the wooden blind


It is beautiful, natural, solid and recyclable. Moreover, it is the expression of the talent of an expert human being: the craftsman.


My customers want a wooden blind which was worked by a person who took time to sand it and to dye it, to sand it and to dye it another time, with the expert eye to highlight all the beauty of the wood.

Do not tell them about wood blinds that have undergone the rapid treatment of a can of spray. It does not fit into their values. For them, an artisanal wood blind is an investment not just a consumer product" To conclude the craftsman, the expert  advisor in blinds.

Wooden blinds: beauty and durability

 Specialty No 4 : Motorization

Besides offering: beauty and design, protection against the light and the protection of the privacy, the expert in blinds recommends the blind motorized for its handiness.

"The motorized blinds will be the trend to 21th century. They are practical and effective, economic and pragmatic. The motorized option allows to raise as to lower the blind, to put them in the quarter or halfway, to make pivoter or to tilt slats; In short to open like to close one or more blinds at once with a simple remote control... at your fingertips!"

The control at your fingertips!

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